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2012-08-21 来源:读书人 
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大部分的谢振礼老师实验范文(标号提示)都已经投稿合作愉快网站--读书人英语学习网。少部分最新范文尚未发布,即将投送最友善的Reader8.cn 。少数遗漏可以找-- http://ielts360toefl.blog.163.com (欢迎网友点题写作,请透过读书人英语学习网交代)


8284 经验为师 Learning from the past.
8065 未来现在 The present or the future?
8131 先天后天 Nature or nurture?
5053 乐观悲观 Thinking positively or negatively?
5055 社会竞争 Competiveness in society.
5248 论不友善 Are people unfriendly now?
5247 论创造力 Creativity is more important.
5025 领导才能 Leadership.
5023 朋友言信 A friend who is reliable.
5130 当机立断 Making quick decisions.
5024 人心不足 People always want to have more.
5111 物以类聚 Friends who are similar.
5033 团队合作 The value of teamwork.
5151 朋友借钱 Is it right lending money to a friend?
5110 不看外表 Judging by one's external appearance.
5132 商业道德 business and morality.
5019 世代差异 Generational differences.
5011 长大成人 From childhood to adulthood.
5282 天生领导 A natural leader.
5123 电视影响 Influence of television.
5196 电视广告 TV advertisements.
8134 广告好坏 Advertising, good or bad?
8059 广告危害 The negative effects of advertising.
8301 产品广告 Advertising: sales in quantity or quality?
8028 因特网赢 The predominance of the Internet.
8099 报纸末路 The glory of printed circulations is no more.
8173 世界新闻 World news reports.
8036 暴力电影 Violent films.
5020 严肃电影 Serious movies.
5129 电影风行 Why movies are popular?
8076 听收音机 Do people listen to radio?
8092 转播球赛 Seeing real sports events or watching live TV?
8135 电子游戏 Computer games, positive or negative?
8321 道路阻塞 Road congestion.
8323 交通肇事 Traffic offences.
8341 全天电视 24-hour TV transmission
8119 论全球化 Globalization.
8083 跨国公司 Multi-national companies.
8289 外国文化 Foreign cultures.
5288 了解异国 Understanding a foreign country.
8004 国际援助 International aids.
8101 富国多虑 Why people in developed countries are not happier than before?
8093 引进外资 Opening doors to foreign investments.
8044 移民问题 Causes and effects of migration.
5120 科技文化 Modern technology vs. traditional cultures.
8136 养子不教 Bad parenting.
5263 家庭作业 Helping children to do homework.
8007 父母职责 Teaching children to tell right from wrong.
8003 良母养育 Mothers rather than fathers are better teachers.
8128 子女管教 Children's discipline.
8105 赏罚儿童 Rewarding or punishing children?
8125 电脑儿童 Monitoring children's screen time.
8325 手机儿童 Children's mobile phones.
8122 地球升温 Global warming.
8064 环保恶化 Environmental concerns.
5107 淡水资源 Clean water: a vital natural resource.
5067 野生新闻 Issues about wildlife.
8098 保动植物 Flora and fauna.
8061 动物产品 Killing animals for food, clothing and medicine.
8095 南极之旅 Tourism in South Pole.
5176 保护野生 Protecting wildlife.
5017 国际环保 Is the world going green?
8068 清除污染 Cleaning up pollutions.
8100 食物运输 Foods from far away.
8191 农机肥料 Farm machinery and fertilizers.
8099 核能风险 Nuclear risks.
8039 核子能源 Nuclear energy.
5022 科技发展 Technological development.
5021 拯救地球 Saving our planet.
8069 科技烦人 The benefits and drawbacks of modern technology.
8074 崇拜明星 Admiring stars.
5088 名人明星 Famous people and celebrities.
5313 明星显贵 Celebrities and journalists.
8126 教导是非 Teaching students to distinguish between right and wrong.
8071 教导从严 Teachers should be stricter.
8070 教师培训 Training teachers.
8063 课外活动 Extracurricular activities.
8291 社区义工 Community service work.
8312 离家住校 Living in a university residence hall.
8118 毕业失业 Not enough jobs for college graduates.
8089 大学文凭 Is a university certificate essential?
5031 男女分校 Co-ed schools.
5195 中学制服 School uniforms.
8109 学习外语 Learning a foreign language.
8193 为何留学 Why study abroad?
8280 数学哲学 Math and philosophy.
8258 科学研究 Scientific research.
8035 科学教育 Education about science.
8054 论博物馆 The purposes of museums.
8091 论图书Setting up town libraries.
8273 古老发明 A very old invention: wheel.
8137 贫富不均 Gap between the rich and the poor.
8026 钱财助人 Is richness the only way to help people?
8097 穷人小孩 Children from poor families.
5108 乡村都市 A big city or a small town?
8067 犯罪心理 The criminal mind.
8106 监狱教育 Prison or education?
8260 认识邻居 Knowing your neighbors.
5030 为何工作 Besides money, why do people work?
8062 工作生活 Harmony of work and life.
8048 工作满意 Job satisfaction.
8102 工作保障 Job security.
8090 社交技巧 The importance of social skills.
8077 便利商店 24/7 shops.
8072 论艺术家 The role of artists.
8316 社会地位 Working for huge income or socia status?
8320 变换工作 Changing for a new job.
5342 工作遥远 Working far away from home.
5150 长寿有道 Causes of people living longer.
8133 长寿影响 Effects of people living longer.
8066 五代同堂 Five generations coexist.
5010 行路健康 Walking, the best exercise.
8283 越吃越胖 The disadvantages of eating fattening food.
5041 快餐慢餐 Fast food vs. slow food.
5114 吸烟有害 Smoking is bad.
8096 家庭寻根 Family roots.
8190 喜庆派对 Celebration parties.
8121 家庭计划 Family planning.
5300 贵买国货 Buying locally made products.
8075 遵守传统 Following traditions.
5018 危险运动 Dangerous sports.
5252 背井离乡 Moving away from old friends.
8340 晚生孩子 Late parenting.
8143 幸福定义 Happiness.
5168 成功定义 Success.
5034 音乐重要 Music.
8038 成功欲望 Desire to succeed.
5056 成功之道 How to succeed?
8047 失败原因 How to fail?
8261 历史重要 Studying history.
8032 论好邻居 A good neighbor.
8094 广告利弊 Advertising is good for economy.
8124 死刑辩论 Capital punishment.
8043 流行时尚 Fashion.
8194 学无止境 Never too old to learn.
8040 男女有别 Men and women are different.
8285 大众交通 Mass transport.
8293 资讯技术 Information technology.
8297 接受变化 Being ready for change.
8296 工作满意 Is job satisfaction realistic?
8290 天生人才 Being born with special talents.
8249 凶杀新闻 Crime news is OK.
8250 人狗为友 Dog's best friend.
8251 新闻报道 Ratings can influence news programs.
5042 晚睡晚起 Late to bed and late to rise.
5029 省钱无用 Spending money is better than saving money.
5045 大学无用 University education is of no great use.

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